ACT and SAT Preparation

ACT and SAT Preparation

For many students, college entrance exams can be challenging and stressful. Our individualized ACT and SAT programs provide focused, customized instruction designed to help our students acquire test-taking skills and apply proven strategies.

At CLC, we recognize that a student who is trying to raise an ACT score of 17 to a 26, or an SAT score of 930 to a 1040 will require a very different program than a student who is trying to bump an ACT score of 28 to a 33, or an SAT score of 1310 to 1460. In order to ensure that we design a program that meets the unique needs of each of our students, we have each student begin by taking a full-length pre-test. We then perform a full analysis of the pre-test to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend individualized programs based on these results.

Although there are several factors that can affect test performance (e.g. test anxiety, poor sleep the night before the exam, etc.), students typically improve their scores the most by focusing on two areas: 1) test-taking strategies and 2) filling in gaps in content knowledge.

As both the ACT and the SAT are comprehensive exams, it is not possible to reteach everything that was learned in the last twelve years.  Analyzing the pre-test allows us to identify the type of problems that can be answered correctly by applying strategies, as well as the content areas that the student should focus on more purposefully. We recommend that students conclude their test preparation program with a full-length post-test so that their progress can be tracked.

ACT and SAT programs can also be designed for small groups (based on interest) at a discounted rate; however, we recommend that students choose group members with similar pre-test scores and goals. Additionally, we offer an SAT Preparation Course each spring.

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