College Consulting

College Consulting

With over 5,000 choices in colleges and universities nationwide, there is definitely a college for everyone! In fact, there are so many choices that the process of selecting a college that is right for you can be extremely daunting. Don’t worry. We are here to help you manage this process in a unique way that best meets your needs. Like all of our other services, we tailor the college consulting process by offering all of our services in an hourly format, so that you can pick and choose just what you need. Of course, we also offer comprehensive packages as well.

Although you might think that the college selection process is about pouring over lists of schools and statistics, the process really starts by getting to know yourself better. We have a variety of tools to help you start to reflect on the things that are most important in selecting a college where you will thrive, as well as help you and your parents to get on the same page and communicate effectively regarding the selection process.

If you are overwhelmed with managing the process, we can help you create a timeline and manage your deadlines without the stress.

If you are wondering if you are taking the “right” high school courses, if you have enough or the right mix of extracurricular activities and volunteer work, or if you have a high enough ACT or SAT score, we can evaluate your transcript, resume, and test scores and help ensure that you are on the right path.

If you are having troubles building your college list, we can teach you valuable research skills, or you can tell us what you are looking for in a college, and we will do the research for you.

If you are nervous about college visits or the interview process, we can provide coaching, guidance and a mock interview to help you prepare.

If you are struggling with your essays, we can help you find your voice and deliver your message dynamically.

We can offer as much or as little support as you need! Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Need help planning for college?

Our college consultants are well versed in the college search, application and acceptance process.

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Meet our Consultants

Ashley HotZ

Ashley HotZ

College Consultant and SAT/ACT Coach

Ashley Hotz is the lead college consultant at Colorado Learning Connections. Ashley began working in education in 2008, purchasing Colorado Learning Connections in 2012 and founding it as a non-profit in 2017. She began her work in College Consulting in 2009. Ashley attended IECA’s Summer Institute training in 2013, additionally participating in their mentorship program. Ashley believes in meeting students where they are and in helping students understand when a college is great fit. She specializes in test preparation and helping students find their authentic voice in their college essays, in alignment with Susan Knoppow’s WOW Writing strategies.

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop

College Consultant

Amy M Bishop, MSW, graduated her MSW from the University of Denver in 2004 with a focus on high risk youth and school social work.  Her experience for the last 16 years includes statewide educational advocacy and consultation for juvenile justice and foster care youth.  Successful in this effort, she conducts training on educational advocacy statewide.

She now works with families and youth to provide individual education and college consulting.  She is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) and a WOW Certified College Essay Coach, utilizing multiple platforms to support students in college planning. She specializes in working with special education and 504 plans working both with emotional and learning disabilities within the education, tutoring and college planning process.

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