Our Team

Mariko Totten - Executive Director

Mariko Totten - Executive Director

Mariko has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Vermont in Mathematics.

Why CLC?

The goal of education is not just the acquisition of knowledge, but the power to use it. At CLC, we build pathways to empowerment and empathy through education. We recognize that this path will look a little different for each student, and that’s the beauty of CLC! By fostering relationships and finding creative, student-focused approaches to learning, CLC ushers students towards fulfilling lives.

Rebecca Young - Development Manager

Rebecca Young - Development Manager

Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree from Western State Colorado University in English and Outdoor Education, and Master of Fine Arts in Fiction & Nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Why CLC?

CLC is about so much more than strict academics. Yes, we help students learn how they learn best and improve their academic performance, but we recognize that when a student is struggling to learn, they can feel incredibly isolated. When students come to clc, they’re getting a mentor and an ally, someone who has their back and will stand beside them.

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STOKE Your Curiosity. KINDLE Your Passion. FUEL Discovery.


GAIN Confidence and Independence. FIND Hope and Delight. EXPERIENCE Success and Pride.

Gifted & Talented

BALANCE Brilliance and Belonging. EMBRACE Your Imperfections. CONQUER Challenges.

Test Preparation

IMPROVE Your Score. REDUCE Your Anxiety. EXCEED Your Expectations.

Home School & Elite Athlete

REINVENT Your Education. EMPOWER Your Voice. CREATE Your Path.

College Consulting

EXPAND Your Choices. KEEP Your Sanity. FIND Your Place.