Our Story

Our Story

In today’s high-stakes, fast-paced, technology rich environment, meaningful face-to-face interactions in both formal learning environments and general social settings are declining, while stress and anxiety in children and adolescents are increasing.

Colorado Learning Connections (CLC) was founded in 2005 by Rebekah Jordan to answer the need for a community-based learning center. CLC quickly grew to a team of 10-14 paid staff serving students pre-K through 12 in five different programs: after-school tutoring, test preparation, college consulting, enrichment and project-based learning, and homeschool/elite athlete support services. In her role as head of this organization, Rebekah was approached about starting a school, now known as The Peak School. 

As Rebekah became entrenched in the founding of The Peak School, Ashley Hotz purchased CLC, then functioning in a for-profit capacity. Though our individualized and creative programming was extremely successful, it became evident that we were only meeting a small segment of the community’s needs as only some could access these services. Thus, in 2016 Ashley began seeking significance. “Success is when I add value to myself. Significance is when I add value to others.” And the quest to obtain our 501(c)3 status was begun in order to better fulfill our mission, and to serve more students through individualized programming and satellite locations. Our nonprofit status was granted in 2017, and we have been blessed to begin serving our community more inclusively.

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to receiving personalized educational services, and thus the Opening Opportunities Scholarship Program (OOSP) was created. OOSP provides a dedicated funding stream for Summit County students to access high quality, one-on-one, or small group tutoring either at our main office or satellite locations. Families can apply for 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% funding. Accepted students benefit from consistent, customized, and responsive academic support throughout the school year. This consistency promotes productive and healthy academic habits and improves executive functioning over time. The program is designed to be flexible and financially efficient, as students may qualify for a partial or full scholarship, dependent upon need. 

The goal of our scholarship program is to provide ongoing access to individualized academic support for individuals with specific educational needs. Regular tutoring sessions are instrumental in reducing secondary complications as a consequence of learning deficits and academic challenges. CLC programs serve as a preventative measure in leaving no child behind, and play a critical role in enhancing life skills, self-awareness of learning styles, and strategies to achieve goals.


Students in after-school tutoring, test preparation, college consulting, enrichment and project-based learning, and homeschool/elite athlete support services all received personalized attention and a customized learning plan. Students build self awareness, identify personal learning styles, and build strategies to achieve their goals. Alongside these “academic” skills, students saw an increase in their joy and curiosity around learning. For some students, it was our student-athlete programming that was the most impactful, allowing them to pursue two dreams side-by-side. The impact, like the program, was unique to each student.


Colorado Learning Connections students have gone on to become high-impact members of their chosen communities. They are working as engineers, musicians, NGO staff, and doctoral candidates. Several have gone on to become teachers and to establish mentorship programs — testaments to the impact that positive adult relationships had on them as children and teens. Our students are by far our proudest “accomplishments”. Our other key accomplishments have been establishing ourselves as a non-profit; an effort that took the energy and commitment of parents, students, and staff, all believing deeply in the power of personalized education. Finally, we are excited about the community partnerships we have established with Mountain Mentors, FIRC, CASA, SSD, Method4Life, and Team Summit.


For more information, to enroll or apply for a scholarship, email or use the links below. 


CLC Online Enrollment Forms (English) 


CLC Online Enrollment Forms (Spanish) 


Scholarship Form for Parents (English) 


Scholarship Form for Students (English)


Scholarship Form for Parents (Spanish)


Scholarship Form for Students (Spanish)

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